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Xing Jye Industrial Co., Ltd are sincerely looking for the distribution agent for our products of Road Bicycle, Bike Frame, Stem, Caliper brake, Seat Post, Brake Lever and many other products.

Our current products are highly praised in bicycle industry. And we will continue to develop new products with high quality so as to fit the requirement of all customer levels. Now the distribution agents are wanted sincerely.

The Company will insist on the spirits of integrity and responsibility to excel and to innovate incessantly. We sincerely hope to create a business relationship and partnership with you.

In addition to the sales of our bicycle products, we can also provide you with the professional services of ODM, OEM, Research and Development(R&D).


※ The outlook of bicycle market from various points of view

  1. The market outlook from the the viewpoint of the purpose of transport:
    The reason why mankind invented bicycles is to accelerate the speed of travel, shorten the travel time and reduce the physical burden. Bicycles have always been one of the favorite means of transport since over two hundred years. Once possessing their glorious era, bicycles were gradually forgotten in the rapid development of automobile. However, due to their unique characteristics, bicycles still have a lot of consumer groups. With the going up of oil prices and the rise of sports and fitness, the function of bicycles as a means of transport will not be forgotten but also be gradually demanded.
  2. The market outlook from the viewpoint of the shift in demand:
    With the constant development of society and the constant progress in science and technology, the exhaust gas of automobiles and motorcycles become one of the culprits of air pollution. The warning of people’s health was also constantly issued. The requirements of material in life were significantly improved on one hand, but the living conditions were deteriorating day after day on the other hand. Completely unbalanced climate patterns occur and it forces the world to unite together to face the problem of environmental improvement. To promote a low carbon emissions apparently become the important environmental issues in various countries of the world. Bicycles are been developing into the multifunctional and versatile tools of the pursuit of green life, leisure and fitness, fashion and lifestyles of health and sustainability from their initial purposes of transport. This shift in demand once again broadens the road of revival for bicycles.
  3. The market outlook from the viewpoint of the shift of the consumer’s concepts:
    Since the 21st century, the going up of oil prices and the rising demand of mankind have caused the shift of the M-type consumer’s concepts in transport. High oil prices make low-income groups select bicycles as means of transport. However, powerful consumers select bicycles as the healthy and leisure tools. Then, the shifts of the consumer’s demands and trends will lead to great potentiality of the bicycle market.

  4. The market outlook from the viewpoint of the rise of the bicycle sports culture:
    With the idea of low-carbon living, healthy living and happy life growing into people's minds, more and more people join the ranks of bicycle sports. Today, bicycles are not only the traditional means of transport but also the means of sports and leisure activities for fashion and health. It symbolizes a return to nature life.
    In some developed countries in Europe and America, 90 percent of bicycles are for leisure activities and sports and only about 10 percent are for transport. And in Taiwan and other areas in the world, the amount of bicycles needed for leisure activities and sports are rapidly increasing year by year. It is believed that soon in the future, bicycles will once again sweep across the world in a brand-new situation.


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